International Passive House Conference 2021

The 25th International Passive House Conference “Key to Sustainable Building” took place in September 2021 with numerous expert lectures, trade exhibition, competition for energy-efficient buildings, excursions and workshops. As a meeting place for many top-class international experts, the conference enabled an exciting exchange of experiences for building professionals and the curious. The conference proceedings were documented electronically and are available until Oct. 20th under

BSMC was present with two expert lectures and two competition entries (Poster-Hamm, Poster-Aachen). It is one of the active special supporters of the conference and is represented by Dr. Bernd Steinmüller in the conference advisory board.


NEW: On Sep 10th Dr. Bernd Steinmüller received the PASSIVE HOUSE AWARD 2021 for the Passivhaus-Plus-Renovation of a residential building. The laudation highlights: “Through the gentle handling of the building fabric, he has managed in a special way to preserve the character of the building and its surroundings. He has also shown that the passive house standard can be implemented with reduced technology, sustainably and economically.” Thanks and honor are also due to the architectural firm Wispler from Paderborn, which brought the renovation to success with commitment and expertise. See also Poster-Hamm as well as Press Release, finalists and article “Fit for the future”.

Fit for the Future – Sustainable Energy Turnaround in Existing Buildings

In the current summer issue 07 2021 of the magazine Gebäudeenergieberater, Passive House pioneer Dr. Bernd Steinmüller explains under the topic Building Concepts how Passive House-Plus differs from mere “Plus-Energy-Buildings”.

He uses the example of a building to illustrate how the Passive House Plus concept can be implemented in an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable way in existing buildings. It shows how building owners, tenants and the climate benefit, how renewable energies are used efficiently and how building resilience is increased.

Almost 5 years of measurement data show that the concept not only works in theory, but also in practice with a high degree of accuracy.