Reducing Energy by a Factor of 10 – Promoting Energy Efficient Sustainable Housing Approaches in the Western World …

In this study, Dr. Bernd Steinmüller examines the major trends, challenges and possible solutions in the field of sustainable energy-efficient building and housing. Factor 10 indicates the order of magnitude by which fossil energy consumption in the Western world must be reduced in order to achieve sustainability in the long term.

Based on the global climate protection/energy problem, sustainability goals are formulated, basic terms, economic and market models as well as eco-efficient solution approaches for sustainable energy-efficient construction and modernisation are presented. Structural market barriers and opportunities are analysed and solutions for Germany, Europe and North America are presented.

The study is available as a publication of the Centre for Sustainability Management of the Leuphana University of Lüneburg and here as a download from the BSMC homepage.